Just sign it!

Could you spot elder abuse, coercion, or intimidation when witnessing a will?

What would you do if you suspected the person about to sign her enduring power of attorney was not doing so voluntarily?

We are presenting a Special Members’ Seminar on 19 June where our guest speaker, Karen Toohey (the Discrimination, Health Services, Disability & Community Services Commissioner with the ACT Human Rights Commission) will speak on various scenarios that may occur when JPs are assisting people and witnessing documents such as a will or enduring power of attorney.

You don’t want to miss this seminar. Register now with Cissy Parker JP:

Registration is required for attendance at the Canberra Southern Cross Club in Corinna Street Woden (commencing 10.30 am).

Attendance by Zoom on line will also be available, but you must register with Cissy.  After registration for this option you will be sent the applicable link for the seminar.

Please note, we may need to limit attendance numbers due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The seminar flyer is available here.