President Beverly Alley reported to members at the AGM in November 2017 on another excellent year for the Association.

‘We are confident the Association is meeting the needs of members’ Beverly told the members at the AGM. ‘And our growing network of public JP Signing Centres is certainly generating plenty of work for our volunteer JPs. We have done well under what has been, at times, difficult circumstances. I’d like to thank all those who have helped throughout the year, particularly your hard-working and supportive Executive team, the Signing Centre Coordinators, the JPs volunteering their time at the centres, and indeed all the JPs giving their time to the community.’

Not to be outdone, Treasurer Paul Adams reported that 2017 had been ‘both busy and financially positive’. ‘I am confident that your Association remains in a sound financial position’ he said as he presented the audited financial statements.

You can read the President’s report and the Treasurer’s report here.