The ACT Lockdown to minimise COVID-19 risks has closed JP Signing Centres across Canberra.

The ACT Justices of the Peace Association, which supports most of the JP Signing Centres across Canberra, has reluctantly closed the Signing Centres until further notice. We have taken this action has been taken to minimise risk to volunteer JPs providing services through the Signing Centres, ensure the safety of the broader community, and respond to the Government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Members of the community will still be able to seek a JP for various tasks by searching the on-line public JP register and/or calling Access Canberra (13 22 81) for assistance to find a JP.

Please be aware that all JPs are volunteers. We expect that all JPs will observe sound hygiene practices, but it is for individual JPs to decide whether to provide JP services, taking to account the health, wellbeing and safety of themselves and those seeking their services.

[Published: 3 September 2021]

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