FAQ - 'Proof of Life' documents

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What is a 'Proof of Life' document?

Persons receiving a social benefit (pension) from a country other than Australia may be required to submit a ‘proof of life’ document to continue to receive the benefit. Sometimes known as a ‘certificate of existence’ or a ‘certificate of life’, the purpose of the document is to make sure the recipient is still alive and is the one who is actually enjoying those benefits.

Will a Justice of the Peace witness my ‘Proof of Life' document‘?

That will depend on the requirements of the relevant authority. The JP will examine the document to be satisfied he or she has the authority to witness it. Depending on the country, you may need to have your document completed by a Consular Official or Notary Public.

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring the document sent to you plus a photographic form of identification such as Drivers Licence, passport or a Proof of Identity/Proof of Age card. It would be helpful if you could also bring any instructions sent by the relevant authority.

What can I do if my parents cannot get to a JP Signing Centre?

Some authorities allow the proof of life document to be completed by an agent under certain circumstances. This should be explained in any notes accompanying the document.

If this is not the case, search the Justice of the Peace Register to find a JP in your area to make arrangements to attend a suitable location.