About Us

The ACT JPs Association is your ‘professional body’

The ACT JPs Association is your ‘professional body’.

The Association has represented and supported the ACT’s Justices of the Peace since 1990.

Our objective is to promote, support and protect the status and interests of Justices of the Peace.

Working in partnership with the ACT Government, we aim to deliver an accessible, professional JP service to the ACT community, well supported by Government and the ACT JPs Association.

We work hard on behalf of JPs to provide support, advocacy, fellowship and community involvement.


We provide ongoing support and professional development to our members to help them deliver quality services to the community. We offer:

  • a mentoring program to support new JPs as they settle in to the role
  • a regular members’ journal (Justice Matters) featuring news, guidance and articles on developments in the law and better practice for JPs
  • a seminar program to help our members stay on top of developments affecting their role
  • guidance notes and other relevant information on most JP duties
  • a comprehensive website that features information of interest to the community and JPs, with a ‘members only’ section providing further information and guidance
  • speedy response to questions of practice.


We have built a ‘community of support’ through encouraging regular contact among like-minded JPs.

Our seminars and social outings are a great way to meet fellow JPs, to share experiences, develop networks and support each other. And to have some good fun!


We work with government on your behalf to:

  • recognise the commitment and achievement of JPs in serving the community
  • promote the availability and visibility of JPs in the community
  • promote changes of law or practice affecting JPs
  • review training and professional development
  • develop a comprehensive JP Practice Manual and
  • provide or clarify guidance on practice issues.

Community involvement

We support and coordinate several public JP Signing Centres across Canberra. This important initiative has improved community access to JPs.

The Signing Centres are a perfect chance for an active JP to boost his or her community involvement.

Want to know more?

We’d be happy to talk to you—contact us at info@actjpa.org.au.