Access Canberra wrote recently to all ACT Justices of the Peace (on or around 8 February 2018). The letter has been reproduced here as a convenience for JPs.

Ms Vesna Cvjeticanin, Senior Manager, Access Canberra said

‘Your role as a JP is highly appreciated in the community and a number of important services in the ACT, nationally and internationally, often depend on your services. To enable even more streamlined access to JP services and assist you with your work, this  .’

Importantly, Ms Cvjeticanin took the opportunity to remind JPs of their obligations, as part of their service to the community and as a JP in the ACT.

‘In performing their role, Justices of the Peace should:
–   be available at reasonable times
–   be professional, courteous and impartial
–   not provide legal advice
–   avoid conflicts of interest
–   not receive payment or reward for service
–   keep contact details up to date
–   adhere to the appropriate legislation and correct procedures, and
–   maintain confidentiality.